Café lapérouse Paris Concorde

Address : 2 place de la Concorde - 75008 Paris

Phone : +33153936553

E-mail :

Breakfast: 8am - 11am
Lunch & dinner: 12am - 3pm & 7pm - 11pm
Tea time: 3pm - 6pm


A haven of refinement, Eiffel Tower view

Located on the prestigious Place de la Concorde, within the Hôtel de la Marine, Café Lapérouse Concorde offers a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower from its Concorde terrace.

From breakfast to dinner, a selection of refined gourmet French dishes are to be discovered, a la carte.


Captain Cordélia de Castellane (aka Dior Maison and Baby Dior’s Artistic Director) and her first-class team have dreamed up a magical destination inspired by the travels of the explorer Lapérouse (the restaurant’s namesake). 18th century influences, colorful print and Art Deco accents meet to create the delicious and genre-defying decoration of Café Lapérouse – an ode to Madeleine Castaing.


Eclecticism and tradition on the menu.

Restaurant, bar, and café: all under one roof. A vibrant place, constantly buzzing with activity. Uninterrupted service throughout the week, offering haven where you can relish in delectable cuisine and exceptional service at any time of the day or night.

Whether you desire a chic breakfast, an elegant lunch, a romantic date, an important appointment, a relaxing break, delightful afternoon tea, a festive aperitif, a refreshing beverage on the terrace, a wonderful dinner, or a lively evening, Café Lapérouse caters to every occasion. From 8:30 am until midnight, our dedicated team warmly welcomes you to this haven of culinary delights, where you can feel simultaneously at home and transported to another world. Our one desire: to make every moment a memorable one.

Explore the world on our terraces.  Two terraces with two distinct atmospheres: Parisian chic is the word on the Concorde terrace, with an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower and the famous Obélisque; almond-green metal furniture, printed cushions and lush greenery: on the Cour d'Honneur side, the terrace blooms with tropical exuberance! Both are sheltered beneath arcades, making it the ideal place to sit down and relax, no matter the weather.


The Paris of dreams

The breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower adds an extra dimension to the Café Lapérouse experience. The Cours d’Honneur, calm and serene, offers a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Situated in a prime location in the heart of Paris, Café Lapérouse is a must for lovers of authentic French cuisine. With its elegant ambience and grand volumes, breathtaking views and unique decor, the Café Lapérouse embodies the very essence of the French gourmet tradition.




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