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Lapérouse is one of the first restaurants to have won a 3 star rating, which it retained until 1969. Great expectations had to be met, and today a new gastronomic page has turned. Chef Jean-Pierre Vigato; renowned for his masterful cooking, his vast “gastronomique” culture, his love of the French way of life/joie de vivre and his dazzling presence. With the help of his devoted team, Apicius’ former chef has brought back the gastronomic heart of Lapérouse.

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“What convinced me ? This setting is unique, magical, mythical. And like all places that are unique, magical and mythical… there is a constant challenge. We have conceived a menu which honours the restaurant’s history  combined with the classical service of the old days.” Jean-Pierre Vigato

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New signature dishes are becoming classics. Creamy lemon potatoes from Noirmoutier and Lapérouse caviar. Sea bass and langoustines, with olive oil and aromatic herbs. Pigeon, with peas and sauce de diable. Roasted blue lobster, in all its splendour.

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This new gastronomic era furthermore opens one of Paris’ most secret wine cellars to its patrons. At the end of a great labyrinth of stairs, lies a sumptuous treasure of wines, with over 800 references from all the various regions of France, classified from North to South in a clockwise direction, by village, premier cru and vintage.  This same cellar was spared by the great floods of 1910.

With over 7000 bottles, the Burgundy selection, constitutes one of the most opulent “Bourgogne” wine cellars in France. Entwined within exposed stone walls, unbeknownst to most, lay two hidden salons : the “Veuve Clicquot”, home to the chef’s table, offering an exclusive menu and grand crus from the house of Moët & Chandon, and the “Salon d’Hôte” for innovative oenological experiences.

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